Geoengineering programs are injecting the ionosphere with nano sized aluminium   which calcifies the pineal gland. Monsanto is putting glyphosate in our food. Fluoride is in our water supply. All of this is calcifying the (third eye)pineal gland which is the most sensitive part of the central nervous system. The frequencies in which WiFi and telecommunications operate at are also calcifying the pineal gland. Out of the huge spectrum of frequencies the telecommunications industry has selected 2.4GHz which is destructive to oscillations of humans, animals and biological organisms. The combination of these four variables open the blood brain barrier so that toxins(applies to all) that didn’t use to enter the brain are now inside. This is the perfect storm to destroy the immune system orchestrated by the deep state. The force that the deep state answers to is beyond our perception of visible light. 


Viruses are simply excrescence of a toxic cell; they are pieces of deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA) or ribonucleic acid(RNA) with a few other proteins. Viruses are not the cause of anything they occur when the cell is poisoned. Every pandemic that occurred in the last 150 years there was a quantum leap in the electrification of the Earth. 1917 late fall there was an introduction of radio waves around the world. Any biological system that is exposed to a new electromagnetic field is poisoned. The introduction of radar in WW2 led to the influenza pandemic from radar-fields. 1968 the Hong Kong flu came because for the first time a protective layer in the van allen belt which integrates the cosmic fields. Within six months of putting satellites omitting radioactive frequencies in the van allen belt a new viral pandemic occurred. Viruses are not contagious and the deep state knows this and that 5G is the real cause.  

We are electrical beings and the chemicals are only a byproduct of those electrical impulses. The susceptibility depends on how much metal you have in your body and the quality of the water in your cells. Aluminum makes us become receptors to absorbing electromagnetic fields. When the air was not swarming with electromagnetic influences humans had to make less effort for spiritual development. It is dangerous to allow yourself to be influenced by the malevolent forces beyond visible light whether unaware or not. Vaccines are being used by the cult to destroy the connection humans have with the divine and only believe in the physical world. People are being inoculated into materialism to become hosts of the spirits of darkness. VMAT2(vesicular monoamine transporter 2) predisposes humans towards mystic experiences. The Pentagon with US tax dollars funded “FunVax” which uses an airborne virus to indiscriminately infect populations considered high risk for religious fundamentalism by damaging what is known as the “God gene”.     


There are no reliable tests for specifically COVID-19. There are no reliable agencies or media outlets for reporting figures for actual COVID-19 virus cases. Every action and reaction to COVID-19 is based on unreliable data and no accurate assessment can be made. This is why all cases reported are only showing cold flu-like symptoms. The few cases that do have respiratory responses still have a promising recovery rate especially those with no priory issues.    


Cells can be in a state of growth or protection but can not be in both states at once. Positive signals such as nutrients attract cells whereas toxins retract cells. There are signals that are neither positive or negative. Just like cells the mind perceives an environment in a similar manner. The system in the brain called the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis(hypothalamus) is what interprets perception. If the hypothalamus is perceiving fear or stress the hypothalamus will send stress hormone signals to the adrenal glands which have the common understanding of “fight or flight”, this process causes the blood to preferentially go to the arms and legs. In a normal state the blood goes to the viscera which has the function of health, maintenance and growth. This reaction of the body is similar to cells in a state of protection as both bodies and cells can not grow in a state of protection. Even humans over a century old still need to grow everyday because billions of dying cells must be replaced. One of the most important uses of energy in the body is the immune system; most humans will have a minuscule amount of most toxins(viruses, bacteria and parasites) in their body. The idea that diseases are caught is not necessarily true as most toxins are in everybody; people get sick because they have not given enough energy to the immune system. Pharmaceuticals are not going to treat the cause of disease. Under stress the mind doesn’t use conscious reasoning, just reflex action. Stress hormones also squeeze blood vessels in the gut resulting in blood going to the periphery and also push blood to the back of the brain for reflex behaviour furthermore when under stress you are less intelligent. 

 Don’t be distracted by things and people that keep you from working on your goals.

Alexander The Great

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