The reason a smoker struggles to quit is because that person considers themself a smoker.  Human desire makes us be consistent with the way that we define ourselves. Habits are hard to break because habits are natural to us. The moment one decides to break a habit is when their mind will remember all the positive things they got from that habit. Rewriting your story of how you identify will minimize the connections with that habit. Quantum physics shows us that all realities exist right now in the present. Change your past and future by changing your identity right now. 

Letting go of victimhood and learning to forgive raises your dominant vibrational state instantly. Everything in your life as a human avatar was agreed to by your higher self in contracts called the akashic records. Things don’t happen to us they happen for us. All the hardships you face were granted by your eternal soul as lessons. The most negative experiences were agreed by your higher self eternal soul before this incarnation on Earth. This is to build character so that you never have to experience it in the same way again. Rewrite the story you tell yourself because what your subconscious omits is what reality you manifest. Every stage of life you are programmed into believing self identifying labels that limits perception to only the ego. This builds a state of mind of constantly seeking validation from others, it is all a lie this human avatar is not what you really are. Avatars are a vehicle for eternal concessions that is how everyone is connected when traced back to the source of creation. There is a correlation between the way people perceive you and how you perceive yourself. The law of state transference explains how emotions are contagious. 


We are entering the next astrological age of Aquarius. Humanity is slowly reaching universal consciousness. In this transition from the fear based belief structure collective trauma will emerge. Spiritual teachers are assisting us transmuting those energies and preparing for contact with extraterrestrials. So many souls left the higher realm of infinite unconditional love to this 3rd dimension just so they could say they experienced this grandiose awakening.  In order to share experiences there needs to be resonation at a similar frequency. Meditation and yoga is one way to light up the chakras. The kundalini yoga practice activates all 7 chakras. When committing to the kundalini the mind will channel intuition from karma built up from past/future incarnations. To safely awaken to universal consciousness the ego must be transcended first. 


Every person has a 6th density(frequency band) counterpart, our higher self. This Milky Way Galaxy as well as other galaxies has infinite parallel realities. Consciousness has different states known as density. Universal consciousness is changing the state of 3rd into 4th density. Time is not linear as your past and future incarnations change as you change in the present moment. When we fall asleep and wake up our mind changes state from theta to alpha and to beta. During these moments of subconscious messages the brain endogenously produces dimethyltryptamine(DMT) this is the shortcut for connecting to eternal awareness and should be studied for medical use and has been used in shamanism guiding people while altering states of consciousness. 


The mind is most susceptible to influence in the morning. The transition between delta and theta brainwave states is the most optimal time to raise consciousness. When you observe your thoughts rather than react to your thoughts you are not in constant need for stimulation. Sleeping with your head facing north moves more iron into your brain which is detrimental to mental health.  There is an electromagnetic field around you and the collective consciousness of all of us. Waking up to meditate at times when the majority of the population are sleeping has more healing potential because the collective consciousness has the least influence at this time. You are never alone your higher self, ascended masters and spirt guides are always with you.  

The Drake equation estimates the number of star systems with habitable planets. The Vatican holds so much evidence in their archives that predate the Roman dynasties yet the public are denied access. Thousands of cuneiform tablets from ancient mesopotamia inscribed in dead languages such as Sumerian, Akkadian, Asyrian and Babylonian are left in the archives untranslated. These tablets are far more ancient than what we are told because the few that have been translated prove humans were genetically jumpstarted extraterrestrials. The Sumerians are the oldest civilization, even ancient to the Babylonians. Governing systems of currency and kingship began with the Sumerians in Eridu yet they state that this was handed down by the Anunnaki.


If you're not part of an illuminated bloodline then you most likely won’t be granted access to the Vatican archives. The biblical scriptures of reaching the divine have many underlying themes of astrotheology when decoded. Archangels in an archetype are constellations of the heavens. 42 used to be the number of constellations that were seen by our ancestors. The universe is connected on a quantum level and operates similar to an electric circuit. When an atomic bomb detonates the explosion is that devastating that a ripple in space and time will knock distant galaxies out of balance. This distortion in the 3rd dimension will also affect the other dimensions as above so below.   

Alexander The Great

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