I, You exist

Everything is here and now

The one is the all the all are the one

What you put out is what you get back

Everything changes except the first four laws

You are always abundante about something

You do not need to learn to manifest you are always manifesting something 

You have freewill to manifest the reality of your fundamental frequency 


First there was “I Am” unity 

Then came the question “What can I become?” duality 


Sirius is Earth’s mother star and the Sun is Earth’s father star


The laws of creation of all are being violated by ancient human astronauts and alien species because of the government's use of atomic weapons and creating blackholes 


Power plus love equals peace learn the difference between being domineering and authoritative  

Keep your circle small cause you manifest the reality you identify as 

No longer will we live in a world of coercion 

Now is time for enmities to become alliances 


Is the akashic records the source of all creation?

Is the centre of every universe a blackhole? 

Star gates are open

Alexander The Great

©2019 by Thoth

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